The Road To Recovery

It’s glaringly obvious where it all went wrong. Prior to training for the marathon I’d always integrated some other kind of exercise, whether at the gym, a fitness class or something else. Once the marathon training commenced my sole focus was building distance and my first mistake was to let other sporting activities diminish to the point where I was only running. The second mistake was concentrating only on distance instead of including speed and more importantly hills. Mistake number three was a huge reduction in time spent on stretching and mistake four was completely omitting core strengthening exercises. Oops!

Learning the hard way but at least the lesson has been learned. Surely this should do me in good stead for the future and hopefully prevent recurrence of further IT Band problems and make me stronger as a runner at the same time. Now aware that my left leg is weaker than my right, the necessity is to strengthen my glutes and quads and of course my core muscles.

My recovery plan:

1. Strengthen my leg muscles: Grr  this means lots of lunges, steps and hills, basically lots of activity that hurts. (I must admit I could be doing the exercises and stretches from the Physio more consistently).

2. Build my non-existent core muscles: Variations of sit-ups but not just hundreds of sit-ups! Building in swimming is already making a difference. Other cross-training will also help. Currently considering yoga or pilates.

3. Stop avoiding: hills and hill sprints! Time to get off road to make this fun!


About klayire

In 2012 I completed my first ever marathon and raised £1843.96 for Alzheimer Scotland (Action on Dementia). Unfortunately I gained an injury. Initially thought to be IT Band I carried on running only to develop further injuries. By the time I crawled through the door of a private physio I had squint and twisted hips (this surely halves my marathon time as I clearly did double the distance with my snake hips!) , achilles tendonitis and shin splints. I was told there would be NO running for at least 5 months. The good news...back to running after 4 months; the not so good I'm straightened out further issues are appearing. But with the promise of being fixable I'm determined to get back to full fitness and run an ultramarathon. Yes Mr Physio, "with that knee!" I did however promise not to do this next week but have this as a future goal as he realised that..."you mean it don't you!" May 2011 Position: 5065. Time: Full marathon: 4 hours 15 mins 07 secs; 10k: 54 mins 06 secs; Half marathon: 1 hour 54 mins 44 secs; 30k – 2 hours 45 mins 30 secs.
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