Just back from a nineteen miler and yes, it hurts.It feels like I’ve been running all day.

The start of the run was painful on so many levels. Friday had involved a night out and the last few nights had involved less sleep than I’d have liked. Sometimes runs on less sleep are better than when fully rested but not today. Although determined to complete another long run, without my running partner I seriously doubt nineteen would have been the score on the door today. It took over six miles before being able to settle into any type of rhythm. Although my legs felt reasonably ok, my breathing was heavy and there was a fair amount of perspiring going on (can I use the excuse that it was the warmest day in Edinburgh for ages?).

The run went along the coast, into and around the Dalmeny Estate. The scenery looking across and along the Firth of Forth was particularly picturesque today. The light was  summer-like and the sea was still. The people of Edinburgh are so lucky to have so much accessible countryside on their doorstep. Running outside of the city is always refreshing and the views certainly took away some of the physical and mental pain being experienced.

Running around the estate made life a little more interesting. There were a few hilly parts, lots of muddy trails, even a sandy section plus the usual tarmac and grass.Then the return journey. Coming back via the area of Crammond continued the scenic views of the Forth estuary in the early evening light. This run had been hard but now at around mile thirteen it became even tougher. The energy beans definitely helped. Although this could just be in my head…..Stopping for a refill of water was a sensible idea as was walking the steps (I know , I know! To prevent injury on tired and tightening muscles, honest!).

Although determined to go the distance, on the inside I was begging to walk. I gave the merest suggestion of this to my running partner who responded with a, “we can’t stop now, we’ll not get going again” and a “this is where it becomes about the mind”. I had to agree. He’d already bombarded me with motivational phrases earlier in the run, if only I could remember what they were…

The pace was slowing and my legs had started to ache. It now seemed ages between each voice update about mileage, speed etc. Today’s run had featured a few pauses to look at scenery and change blister plasters but with a mile or so to go I suddenly felt a surge of energy in my legs and managed an almost sprint to the designated stopping point.Where this had come from is beyond me…

Today I used the Endimondo app. whilst my running partner had stuck with RunKeeper Pro. As he’d already run a mile or so before meeting me it’s difficult to compare data at this stage. There are lots of running apps out there so I might try out a few more just for kicks.

Distance: 19 miles; Time: 3 hours 30 minutes 45 seconds; Avg.min/ml: 11.06 (pauses); Calories: 1902


About klayire

In 2012 I completed my first ever marathon and raised £1843.96 for Alzheimer Scotland (Action on Dementia). Unfortunately I gained an injury. Initially thought to be IT Band I carried on running only to develop further injuries. By the time I crawled through the door of a private physio I had squint and twisted hips (this surely halves my marathon time as I clearly did double the distance with my snake hips!) , achilles tendonitis and shin splints. I was told there would be NO running for at least 5 months. The good news...back to running after 4 months; the not so good news...as I'm straightened out further issues are appearing. But with the promise of being fixable I'm determined to get back to full fitness and run an ultramarathon. Yes Mr Physio, "with that knee!" I did however promise not to do this next week but have this as a future goal as he realised that..."you mean it don't you!" May 2011 Position: 5065. Time: Full marathon: 4 hours 15 mins 07 secs; 10k: 54 mins 06 secs; Half marathon: 1 hour 54 mins 44 secs; 30k – 2 hours 45 mins 30 secs.
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1 Response to nnnn19.Nineteen.

  1. Stuart Watt says:

    Who is this amazing running partner you have? I hear he is running version of the stig from top gear?

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