Superskinny Superfit

So…how did it go? What were the results? Did it work? Was it worth the money? Am I Superskinny Superfit?

Cycle 3 is well and truly over. It kind of tailed off towards the end and I deliberated for a few days before submitting my final results.Saying that though it was definitely my favourite cycle. More new recipes that were fantastic (although some had a rather strong ‘aroma’ and I think my colleagues are only just starting to forgive me) and shorter but kind of tougher work outs. The addition of weights in cycle 2 was bearable but in cycle 3 much more manageable. Totally 100% sustainable too!

The results…did I loose tonnes of weight and fat? Maybe not tonnes but I did loose half a stone or thereabouts and keep it off for the whole 12 weeks. Fat…well to a certain extent. I certainly don’t seem to have the amazing result that you see in the social media sharing photos although I somehow deleted the photos so don’t have the start and finish photos to compare but I’ve definitely reduced in size, toned up and become leaner. The post pregnancy tummy is lingering though. Perhaps this is a bug bear I’m going to have to live with?

It worked! Of course it did. Could it have worked better?To be honest…erm yes, ok perhaps I could have ditched the chocolate and wine but for some crazy reason I began craving sugar towards the end. I guess as there is no sugar anywhere in the diet apart from in fruit. Also I decided it would be better t keep some things relatively normal so I don’t finish, put weight back on instantly and feel like it was a waste of time.

Definitely worth the pounds (get it!). Totally worth paying for this. I was really really skeptical about the whole thing. How can you eat more, exercise less and have ridiculously amazing results? It works! The macros are important and just having something to actually follow makes you stick to it much more. Also that you make it your own and take ownership lends itself to the sustainability factor!

Superskinny? Yes (apart from the aforementioned issue but now I’m fitter and stronger I can get back to mixing in running with the HIIT sessions)

Superfit? Yes. Much much stronger so hopefully less likely to accrue injuries and therefore able to build on my fitness. At the beginning I could barely cope with the warm up. Now…now I’m trying advanced workouts and pushing myself on.


Hell yeah!

Now stop reading my blog and go sign up!!!!

The Body Coach




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This was never supposed to happen.

It couldn’t be helped…

Well, ok I guess it could have been. I cheated. Not a teeny tiny little cheat but a week long cheat. It was between cycles…does that not make it ok? No. No matter how I try to justify it, deny it or accept it. It was a week long cheat!

So cycle 2 is over. I didn’t enjoy it as much as cycle 1. Why? A number of reasons: I felt I was cooking more. I didn’t have the time to invent or concoct exciting and inspiring recipes so every meal ended up being a stress to see what was in the house and how much time I had. Which wasn’t much. The pick n mix is a good idea and I did enjoy it at times. It helped me to continue to understand more about nutrition and fuelling my body more.I was eating chocolate almost every day towards the end which for some reason I couldn’t find anywhere on the meal planners…Although the amount of days for training were less the sessions took a bit longer. In hindsight I should have raised the weights earlier. The weighted exercises were good but hurt. I thought the legs one would be the easiest as this is probably my strongest area but man alive they were a killer. How many do you want me to do Joe?

It was approaching the end of term, I was shattered. I’d been feeling a bit faint. Not sure whether it was due to not drinking enough (water). Probably just a build up of running around, managing work, a toddler, a husband and 3 meals and 2 snacks every day. So whilst waiting for cycle 3 to appear I took a week off.

Wine, chocolate, cake, fish n chips, burgers, crisps, cheese, bread, pizza. All the good stuff! It was a great week.

What was the impact though? I thought it would destroy my great results. Two pounds. Just two pounds. Not that bad really! Do I feel guilty? Not at all! I know that once I’m stuck into cycle 3 it’ll all sort itself out again. I know I’m building lean muscle form my results. I just need to get back on it!

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Half weigh!

Cycle 2: Pick n Mix eating & only 4 training days! This can’t be bad at all. I had visions of Ye Olde Woolworths pick ‘n mix extravaganza which is now poorly mimicked at cinemas. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case.For starters, the fried eggs were now totally different. With no yolks they didn’t even remotely resemble standard everyday images of the perfect fried, poached or scrambled variety, sweeties or not.

There’s something a bit fishy about both plans. Indeed, ‘a bit fishy’ is an understatement. As I’m not using a meat-eaters plan my diet will now consist of fish, eggs and tofu for protein. Breakfasts have been my biggest concern. I just can’t stomach a massive meal at 6:30. But I’ll try. In for a penny, in for losing a pound…or two.

So, how does it work?

The basics: you pick a protein, one or two veg options, and a standard of spinach, broccoli, kale. Plus a side of either yoghurt or adorable sour cream. Then on a rest day you add a good fat source eg avocado or egg and on a training day it would be a carb. eg sweet potatoes, pasta.

Yeeha! Pasta and potatoes! Bagels and bread! Be careful what you wish for. Word of warning…the carb bloat! On training days ALL meals contain carbs.Just as well I lost weight first in cycle one with this bloat on the go, although it appears to be settling a week in.

Today I received an email. Half way! A wee reminder to stay away from the Sad Step! I can totally understand that as with the bloat, the carbs and the amount of food portions I feel like I’ve probably put weight on, so I’m staying away and trusting the Bodycoach!

Budding chefs would have a field day with this part of the plan. It’s fun coming up with your own meal concoctions although I feel most of mine are becoming a bit same same. If I had more time on my hands I could definitely be a lot more creative. Sure, after this finishes and I continue eating healthy I’ll be able to come up with some creative culinary dish from time to time but with work, a kid, shopping and different meal plans it’s a case of getting the job done the best I can.

There have also been a few disasters. At the weekend my fairly expensive sea bass Thai broth become some kind of weird white mush only save-able by soy sauce. It also produced 5 rather than 3 portions so I have a few more sittings to look forward to…not.

Then there’s the new exercise routine…


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Cycle 1! Done!

Cycle 1 is well and truly done. How does it feel? Pretty damn awesome! Since the start (4 meagre weeks ago) I’ve lost over half a stone as well as the bonus of 3 inches from both my hips and waist. Comparing start and end of cycle 1 photos is kind of weird. I can totally see the difference but they could still do with lots of photoshopping.

So what now?

A massive cheat weekend while I wait for cycle 2 info or am I now cured of pizza, prosecco and chocolate?

You guessed it…cheat, cheat, cheat all the way!

A HIIT session before a burger and a wee glass (and dessert) on Friday. Did I feel guilty? No, not in the slightest. Then I skipped a HIIT on Saturday and this it where it all went a bit tits up…my plan went well out of the window. I missed breakfast, managed one snack and ended up with cheese on toast for my dinner. How I have missed cheese. How I have missed toast. Did I feel guilty? Erm, well, after half a bar of massive Toblerone and another wee glass of vino, yes, quite frankly, I did. I can’t say Sunday was much better. Aspects of healthy eating mixed in with a few naughty cookies. Och, do you know what…I’ll miss another HIIT sesh, have a rest and kickstart it all again on Monday.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think it’s done much damage. In fact, I now feel slightly more rested and am craving crap less.

The problem with diets, no matter what kind they are, is that you can end up starving yourself totally of junk food. One of many reasons why I’ve never ‘dieted’ before. Now everyone needs a little of something. I could eat and I plan to eat healthy from now on in but I’m not going to make myself miserable. It really is about  being aware of what you’re eating and how often you eat less healthy items mixed in with exercise. It all works together.

Especially it you want your hard earned results to last.



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In the final throws of Cycle 1 (which has absolutely nothing to do with a bike, motor or other) and it’s all gone a bit tits up! Well, ok, that might be a slight exaggeration…

So what’s been happening?

The menu is under control. It’s been much easier ‘prepping like a boss‘ this week. Finally getting it down just when part 1 is coming to the end. Typical eh! Yes there’s been more fish stew but to surprise everyone at work I rocked up with the mini moussaka! Badaboom! Made from tofu. Man, when that bad boy came out the oven Beaker and I stood gawping in silence for a few minutes.

However…the sad step had sad news. I’d put on just over a pound. Beaker lost a pound. Thief! My excuses however are that it was the wrong time of day and we’d had a wee cheat meal the night before. A wee cheat (burger & chips with a couple of glasses of rose) kind of grew into a bigger cheat with raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake but we did walk there and back….what d’ya mean it doesn’t work like that?

Then to make matters worse and honestly I can’t believe I did this but I missed a HIIT. Feeling guilty about doing 4 instead of 5 HIIT sessions. Ridiculous, I know! On a Sunday night you should really feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Uh uh! Absolutely shattered. Nothing to do with working full time and being the mum of a 2 year old with the energy of Bolt and Roadrunner combined. Oh and the previous night’s accident…

Accident. All week I’d been having accidents. Minor things like dropping pencil shavings everywhere. Then on Saturday night as I was in the middle of the red t-shirt HIIT sesh it happened. I was doing a wee squat basketball shoot jump style thing when ouch…I poked myself in the eye. I’m not quite sure how it happened. It was a bit like when I was scraping paint once and managed to cut the hand I was scraping with or the time the metal handle for flushing a toilet broke in half at a friend’s house…I’m not that strong. How does a metal handle snap in half?

But more importantly my belt has gone down another notch….

Can I get a whoop whoop?



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How can 30 seconds be such a long time?

(Almost) 3 weeks of Lean in 15 just like that…badaboom!

Half a stone lighter. That’s right people, bye bye another pound!

It’s been a bit of a fishy week. Fish stew, fish cakes, fish stew, fish cakes….get the picture? But hey, the shopping was easier (it went swimmingly), as was the cooking and menu planning (taking to this like a fish to…ok ok I’ll stop there). So much so that give or take a meal or two I’m going to redo the menu plan for next week. The food has been quick and easy to make, it travels well and….more importantly, it tastes great and isn’t spinach overload. Not that I dislike spinach. On the contrary, but there’s only so many leaves a girl can eat.

Still losing weight. I can’t quite believe it. I wasn’t overweight to begin with and have still managed to shed half a stone. That’s amazing! I knew that weight would go as I wasn’t consuming large quantities of alcohol, cheese, pizza or chocolate but I thought it would plateau. Besides, with the sheer amount of food I’m consuming, it’s a bloody miracle.

The difference this week is that I’m starving. All the time! Even after I’ve eaten. The masses of food now don’t seem quite as large no matter what size of plate I dish them up on.

It’s funny. I couldn’t care less about the calories. Calories – what are these you talk of? They just don’t come into it anymore. Carbs after exercise otherwise let it be. This is mind altering stuff! But I could still go a massive pizza or decent chocolate bar! Some wee cravings sneaking in there under the spinach leaves. Although I’m feeling healthier and more energetic I’m also feeling waves of tiredness. It’s only to be expected as my body eats away at it’s own fat.

On top of all of this are the ongoing HIIT sessions. Really enjoying these but some days they are just physically and mentally tough. When you urge your muscles to work and it’s a total fail. At one point I was complimenting myself on being able to do more exercises in the time-frame but this week has been about surviving each set. Joe shouts out the exercise is only for 30 seconds. ONLY!!! 15 seconds to go…that should be manageable right? I mean how long is a second? It’s a very short time. But why then does 30 seconds last a lifetime?

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Sad Beaker on the Sad Step

Beaker wasn’t happy. “A pound!!!Is that it?”

Oh dear. Possibly not the result he was looking for in week 2. He started urging me to visit the sad step.

“Another 5 pounds!” I smirked.

Poor man. His face fell. But I couldn’t keep it going.

I was the same. Just over a pound. C’mon, you’ve got to be realistic here. As if we’re going to lose 5 pounds every week. Surely this week’s minimal weight loss is more to do with gaining muscle after all those HIIT sessions!

Week 2 felt different. The feeling of permanent fullness and dreading another meal had given way to feeling ravenous even straight after eating massive portions. Although we both had more energy we seemed lacking in energy during some parts of the day. It came and went in waves.

This week was planned better and went much smoother. Meals were doubled, even quadrupled up on so that shopping was easier and cheaper and that time in the evenings prepping was reduced.

HIIT sessions were mixed. Sometimes I felt stronger than last week. I mean last week I was almost finished in the warm-up! My burpees were caving in less and my press-ups were getting faster. At least in my head they were.

Then there were the ‘cheats’.

Not like a chippy or pizza overload.

I quite happily continued with the red and blue top HIIT sessions for beginners, knowing and revelling in the fact that a few exercises are missed out.I did make up for this later in the week by trying the Leon HIIT session which I really enjoyed.

Saturday arrived and we had friends over. What to do in terms of food? Of course, make something from the Lean in 15 recipe book rather than from the diet plan. What a crazy  and wild cheat! So burgers & sweet potato fries it was.

It was totally and utterly sensational and I didn’t feel any guilt at all. None whatsoever. Not one little morsel was left.

Then there was the entire box of honeycomb matchmakers. Oops. Oh and half bottle of Prosecco…

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